Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts receivable funding, also known as factoring, is the sale of invoices at a discount. It is a method of financing used by businesses to raise capital and improve cash flow quickly, by discounting invoice payments.

Asset Based Loans (ABL)

An asset based loan is a loan that is secured or collateralize with one or more assets. Our asset based loan programs are designed to provide specialized short-term financing in situations where traditional financing is either unattainable or undesirable

Lender Finance Program

The Lender Finance program is a revolving and term note credit facilities to consumer and commercial finance companies. These facilities range from $5 million to $100 million, or higher through syndication.

Mezzanine Finance

  • Loan Size
  • Structure
  • Term
  • Pricing
  • Approach

Purchase Order Funding

Purchase Order (P.O.) Funding is sometimes called other names like production or pre-delivery financing. It is used to provide short-term financing, advance payment, or assurance to a supplier on behalf of a buyer, middleman, or end-user in order to obtain and deliver goods ordered or sold.